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Words & music

 Ed Pickford © prs

Three cheers for the Easington plan - free beers for the councillor man

Who’s breathing new life into land that’s known strife - for it seems he’s a big spider fan

The plan is a Nature Reserve - no more than the spiders deserve

So where the pit stood there may soon be a wood - for he’s banishing waste to conserve


The spiders are coming to town - in Easington by the sea

On land where King Coal wore a crown - they’ll soon live in harmony

They’re bringing their wildlife friends - the ant and the bumble bee

The Nature Reserve is their home and preserve - for all life is part of a tree

Where Billy once danced with his feet - to the beat of a riot shield

The soil and the trees will now do as they please - and make nature the new battlefield

Community scars slowly heal - the past is still sore to the touch

But Easington spiders are all coming home - and they can’t thank the council too much


Three cheers for that Easington bloke - and spirits that never were broke

No-one could ensnare the brave Easington hare - and the same goes for Easington folk

They rise once again in the sun - with pride that is second to none

And they’ll welcome the spiders they see coming home - and the future that’s now marching on

The Spiders Are Coming Home Easington Nature Reserve