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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

After the Strike

After the strike well she wasn’t the same

She couldn’t play her previous game

She was a woman he couldn’t tame

She had become independent

After the strike the dust settled down

He went to work and she wore a frown

She said she felt she was going to drown

She had become independent


Independent she is - independent she’ll stay

She getting stronger for longer each day

He gets the feeling that he’s in the way

Now she’s become independent

Way back in time when the kids were her life

He was her man and she was the wife

Needed him more than bread needs a knife

Now she’s become independent

He came from work - found she was gone

She took the kids - struck out on her own

He hit the skids - felt lost and alone

When she became independent


One day on TV - she talked of her life

Hardship & struggle - picket-line wife

She found it strange that change came from strife

When she became independent.

Finding your voice is a hard thing to do

Making that choice for you to be you

Time to rejoice when your dreams they come true

And you’ve become independent