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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

I come from County Durham

And maybe you can see If you love the place you come from

What Durham means to me

If home is where the heart is

Mine lies in that land

That runs down from the purple hills

To the North Sea’s golden sand.


Durham is the only place for me

Durham is my soul and sanctuary

There's a city that has seven hills like Rome

Durham, County Durham is my home

The coal of County Durham

Once made the fact’ries hum

Bone and blood were sacrificed

For every single ton

When coal was king in Durham

“Dig lads,” was the cry

They paid the debt for miner’s sweat

By hanging them out to dry

St. Cuthbert he was holy

God loved the way he talked

As he prayed standing in the sea

‘til he was cold and dracht

When he died they took his bones

From Tyneside to the Wear

When they got to Durham he said

“Lads put the box down here!”

The tales of County Durham

Were nursery rhymes to me

The march for work, the General Strike

The years of tyranny  

Durham has seen bogey men

Every shape and size

They’ve even had an awful worm

With greet big goggely eyes


Repeat first verse.

I Come From County Durham Durham City

Live - Stumble Inn