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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

In my mind I see you walking

In my mind I hear you talking

Learning every day to walk away from me

Never think that I don’t care

About those things we never share

You’re with me every moment, every minute, all the time


I don’t want to make a child of sorrow

And I hope that when tomorrow comes

And I’m not there she won’t despair

For I love her in so many ways

Even now I can’t erase the smile

Of the child of sorrow

Yesterday we walked together

Yesterday I wondered whether

I should sell my future just to be with you

Sitting here I feel lonely

Working seems to be the only way

To make the time go by


It’s getting hard to write about you

It’s getting hard to live without you

Someone said you were an angel in a play today

You are mine and part of me

Those are my eyes through which you see

You are my brain, my skin, my bones, my everything

And so I sing


Looking through the looking glass

Living with what’s come to pass

Self-inflicted wounds I find are slow to heal

As I play my last guitar

I still wonder where you are

I still feel the way I’ll always feel today

And so I say

Child of Sorrow
words & music Ed Pickford © prs/mcps