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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS


Picture now a village green - graceful swans owned by the Queen

Maypole where the dancers dance - whirl & twirl in mystic trance

England how it used to be - long before the SUV

Motor cars have brought us hell - Nostradamus did foretell


Carmageddon - Carmageddon - that’s the way - world is          headin’

Hope & pray - what I’m dreadin’ - stays away - Carmageddon

Winds would blow the waving corn - cocks would crow to greet the dawn

Life was slow but oh so sweet - days when only birds could tweet  Now the world’s a carbon tomb - choking us with tail-pipe fume

Beam me up please Scotty do - time I were awa the noo


Once there was a wayside Inn - where the fiddles scraped within

Music now comes from the sky - brought to us by Spotify

Bring me back that rustic track - sound of leather willow crack

And those poets now long gone - Shelley, Keats & Byron-ron