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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

Oh father won’t you tell me

How does a lifetime flow?

The pace and the direction

And all things I should know

I fear the blood in-side me

Is calling me to go

So tell me your long story

From springtime to the snow


I threw stones in the pool of time

And watched the ripples roll

Waited til they came to rest

In the harbour of my soul

And I said to myself, “That’s all there is

All there is - no more

Just the ripples of the stones in a pool of time

That die on a distant shore”

Oh mother won’t you tell me

As you walk on the lea?

Why you watch every evening

The sun embrace the sea

Smiling as a mother can

She told me tenderly

Waves of all the things undone

Come racing home to me


My children won’t you tell me

Those questions in your eyes

They echo in my memory

With sounds I recognise

For long before I tasted

Sad comforts in this wine

I made my own life’s shadows

Within my bowl of time

The Pool of Time

Lucille Falkenau - guitar/vocal