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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

I was born into the economics and politics of mining in County Durham.

When I got involved with the folk movement of the 1960’s and was motivated, for some reason, to writing songs, my immediate situation was my source material. What I had been taught over many years re politics and mining I simply changed into songs.

The Birtley Folk Club was started by a mining family, the Elliotts, and I felt immediately at home there because their humour, politics and passion I understood well.

Contained in this section of the website, that you can explore by clicking the down arrow in the navigation bar above, is some of the songs that spring from early experiences.

Below is the banner for New Herrington Pit, which my dad designed many years ago.

Songs - click song

1. Ah Cud Hew

2. Farewell Johnny Miner

3. Pound A Week Rise

4.The T- Shirts & The Blood

5. I Am Coal

6. Miners’ Strike & Wounded Knee

7. One Miner’s Life

8. The Workers’ Song

9. Strange Lover is a Coalmine

10. Mother Jones - No More Deaths for Dollars

11. I Am a Union Banner

12. Durham Big Meeting

13. In a Durham Mining Town

14. Who Killed Charlie Halliday?

15 The Devil is in the Dust

16. Last of the Pitman Painters

17. Heads Held High

18. Crumpled Mac

19. Easington Memory

20. Never Beat the Miners

21. What Did Your Daddy Do?

22. Tommy Lie Down

23. They Can’t Put Them Back

24. Wad Thou Gan?

25. Blackleg Band

26. After the Strike

27. There’s Union in Reunion

28. In My Working Days

29. Fields of Orgreave