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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

Easington the welfare hall - Heather Wood she could recall

Stories from The Miners’ Strike- in the time of Thatcher’s Reich

Like the tribes at Wounded Knee - butchered by the cavalry

Heather said that Thatcher’s knife - carved apart a way of life


Miners’ Strike & Wounded Knee

Thatcher’s thugs & Cavalry

There’s no difference I can see

Miners’ Strike & Wounded Knee

Mother Jones is dead & gone - but her spirit still lives on

In the wives of mining men - she goes marching once again

In the welfare hall I see - women who don’t quit or flee

Manned the picket lines each day - then served in their free cafe


Tales of laughter - trails of tears - they don’t fade with passing years

Women's voices anger-bright - in this hall recall their fight

Time has danced and sung its song - on the streets of Easington

Heather, Florence, Myrtle too - Mother Jones is proud of you

Miners’ Strike & Wounded Knee
Ed - live - Hartlepool Folk Festival
Live -The Central Bar - Gateshead Studio recording