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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

Pizzazz your charismo - plug in the gizmo

Sweeping the world and the nation

Be hip and groovy while you’re on the movee     

With satellite navigation

Throw out your road map! Who wants that old crap?

Whether you’re rich or you’re brassic

Ride on the wild side make sat your new guide

Drive like a hypnotised wasik


Sat nav sat nav-this season’s must have

Use it on road sea or choo choo

Meet friendly faces in faraway spaces

In places you don’t want to go to

I met a yeti all sweaty and fretty outside a netty near Asda

Lost and confused and completely bemused

Driving a little red Mazda

Cause of distress was his GPS

What a mess I’m telling you

Punched in his postcode

Put it in search mode

Said, “No-can-do Kathmandu


Old Marco Polo could navigate solo

Dressed in more fur than a lama

Drake and old Raleigh would shilly-shally

Vasco De Gama much calmer

Dressed in their gaiters these cool navigators

Used just a chart and some tweezers

Just goes to show a long time ago

There were some git clever geezers


Weaker & weaker by Lake Tanganyika

Livingstone’s outlook got bleaker

Started from Hexham - drove via Wrexham

Now he was right up the creeker

Up stepped Mort Stanley - macho and manly

Into the tent went his neck-o

“Evening,” he said, “ thought you were dead

Fancy a glass of Prosecco?”

Make life exciting by hiking or biking

Or striking a Viking called Eric

Hang-glide the Eiger or ride a tiger

Dressed as a cleric from Berwick

Sat Nav’s the thing that will bring you a zing

Use it for your occupation

Like Nitty Nora the school nit explorer

Who now uses nit navigation

Sat Nav