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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

“Help me cross that river please” said scorpion to frog

“I can’t float and I’ve no boat and I can’t find a log”

“I’m no log,” said wise old frog and I’ll do no such thing

Every fool in tadpole school has learned about your sting”

“Mr. Frog Oh Mr Frog why would I be so daft

To set sail upon your back then sabotage my craft?”

“Don’t believe those lies you’ve heard - they are prejudicial

We are kin beneath the skin – rest is superficial”

Honey drips from scorpion lips - soothed the frog’s suspicion

Put the creature on his back - started on his mission

Swimming like a frog possessed - braved the raging torrent

Worried, frazzled and distressed by his thoughts abhorrent

Trust makes way for treachery when evil is about

If sin is with in the skin be sure that sin will out

Roads to hell are often paved - by folks’ good intentions

Rusty nails or sting tails -poisonous extensions

Halfway to the far-off shore - scorpion stung the frog

“What the hell?” the frog did yell - with twisted face agog

“Now you’ve gone and doomed us both - what’s your evil plan”

“Sorry kid,” the scorpion said - “I guess that’s how I am”.

Hell’s a place that’s never full - always room for more

Faces that you recognize who all delight in war

They sit by a blazing fire - lit by flaming coals

Drinking ales and telling tales and eating toasted souls

Frog was killed by virtue and the scorpion by sin

Such a shame but life’s a game that sometimes you can’t win

Never trust a silver tongue that tugs upon your heart

Male or female old or young may hide a deadly dart

Frogs aren’t rich but they enrich the world in which they live

Creatures that are last to take and always first to give

Frogs end up in paradise - on golden logs they lie

They eat slugs and dine on bugs that they see flying by

“What’s the moral of this tale?” I hear you inward say

It’s advice so you think twice at work or play each day

Heed folks needs and do good deeds and go that extra yard

While you do be sure that you are always on your guard

The Scorpion & The Frog