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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

Winner Takes All

Rich of this world are a global elite

They meet each year in an Alpine retreat

Fat-cats who purr in a luxury suite

They all concur that it’s good to compete

They fly into Davos to preach the old lie 

They have the answer to Earth, sea & sky

They play a game called Winner Takes All

The higher they rise - the harder you fall

Rich and the poor share this world side by side
One is the vampire and one is the bride
Sweat from the poor is a fast rising tide
Floats all the boats in which rich people ride


Silicon Valley like miners of old
Dig for your data for data is gold
Sooner or later its bought and its sold
You never know it for you’re never told


Dante envisioned 9 circles of hell
Ninth was provisioned for traitors to dwell
Dante these souls with their sulphurous smell
Now park their Rolls at a Davos hotel


They fly out of Davos their mission complete

Things stay the same so their life is still sweet