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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

Freddy was a one-foot pigeon-Molly was a one eyed cat

Survival was their religion-the Moggie and the old sky rat  

In a backyard situation - on the 14th day of June

They had a high noon confrontation

By the light of a silver moon

The prize was some old cat biscuits left by a man called Ed

He was a very good friend of Molly but he didn’t know a lot about Fred

Fred was a bit of a chancer -hey what’s so bad about that?

A bird’s gotta do what a bird’s gotta do

In the land of the one eyed cat

Fred hobbled to the biscuits -Molly coiled like a spring

Somewhere deep inside her a primal voice did sing

She was itching she was twitching in every tooth and claw

Well a cat is a cat and you can’t change that

It’s part of nature’s law

Molly hesitated when Fred began to speak

Violins were playing as words fell from his beak

He told of a world he’d seen full of pain and fire

“Sometimes,” he said, “I think this world is like a funeral pyre”

Molly’s eye was wet with tears and she began to cry

She thought of all the killing fields where truth was first to die

The words Fred said were drenched in red but there was one thing more

He’d once been a dove of peace and lost his foot in war

“You can share my biscuits,” said Molly to that bird

“I don’t care if stars look down and think that we’re absurd

Someone, somewhere, somehow must do the thing that’s right

I know for sure in this backyard there’ll be no blood tonight

Dawn splashed on the rooftops - somewhere a child was born

The Earth got dressed to face the day in clothes all ripped and torn

Somewhere south of nowhere ying met up with yang

A feather and a claw both joined hands and this is the song they sang

War! War! What’s it for?

I’ll tell you what I think about that

No hope and glory like there is in the story

Of the pigeon and the one-eyed cat

The Ballad of Fred & Molly