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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

Here I Stand

Here I stand once more before you

On a journey we both share

And I know you journey with me

And I know that we both care

We share trials and tribulations

Through the stations of our lives

And the faith in expectations

That the light of truth survives


Here I stand - here I stand

With a friend at every hand

And together with this band

I will stand - I will stand

Oh we do not meet for glory

And we do not meet for gain

But we meet to share our story

And for love we share our pain

For what makes a human human

Is not status wealth or fame

But the way we treat each other

For our journeys are the same


Let us raise a glass in memory

To the comrades who have gone

For we journeyed on together

When our lives were lived as one

Let us promise to remember

As we walk along life’s shore

That we’ll keep each name an ember

In our hearts for evermore


In the act of our departing

Let not sorrow play a part

For our pleasure we shall measure

As a treasure in our heart

For our lives are made from people

And shared moments that we store

In the centre of our being

In our deepest soul and core