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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

In a Durham mining town

Coal was king and wore a crown

Pulley wheels went round and round

In a Durham mining town

Co-op store and colliery bands

Coalhouse door and blue-scarred hands

When light made the night retreat

Miners feet marched down each street



What a cold hard place is a mining town

Smoke goes up - rain comes down

Sulphur oozes from the ground

 What a cold hard place is a mining town

Durham wore a blood-red crown

Mining ruled a mining town

Now its tree bears different fruit

Still I see the blackened root

Times gone by in mid-July

Banners flew in Durham’s sky

Black drapes on a silken gown

Marked the men lost to a town


Uncle George I did not know

He was crushed down deep below

Sleeping stones from ancient time

Crushed his bones in Silksworth mine

He survived a day or two

Then he left that town he knew

In the pit he found death’s door

He’d survived the First World War


In a Durham countryside

You could see two worlds collide

Black hills smouldered night and day

Green hills stood not far away

Threads that weave our history

Make us what we come to be

When I think of ties that bind

Words like seeds grow in my mind


Idle are the blue-scarred hands

Homeless are the colliery bands

Pulley wheels don’t go round

In a Durham mining town

In A Durham Mining Town