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Words & music

 Ed Pickford © prs

There is a pub on the banks of the Tyne

Where many folkies have sung in their time

Near the High Level you’ll see its sign

It’s The Bridge Hotel

Its not far away from Newcastle Keep

Where bones of dead Romans lie soundly asleep

They dream of Wallsend and a pint of black sheep

From The Bridge Hotel


’The Bridge Hotel’ -   by the banks of the Tyne

The Bridge Hotel’ - that lady so fine

She belongs to Fitzgerald but she’ll always be mine

‘The Bridge Hotel’.

If walls could speak then the Bridge walls would say

I’ve seen the cream of the folkscene at play

Days when Gilfellon and Killen held sway

In The Bidge Hotel

Young Handle and Ross were just different class

Oh Anderson, Wood no one could surpass

And then there’s Ray Fisher - why man - what a lass!

In ‘The Bridge Hotel’



Oh dear Paddy Foley - your lovely wife too

The folks of Newcastle will not forget you

For the years you pulled pints of the Fitzgerald’s brew

In ‘The Bridge Hotel’

That’s where I was when poor JFK

Rode into Dallas that sad fateful day

I wish he’d been with me that’s all I can say

In ‘The Bridge Hotel’



Neil Armstrong rose high in his chosen career

 ’ll tell you why he came back down here

 Pubs on the moon have no atmosphere

Not like ‘The Bridge Hotel’

Bob Davenport & Louis Killen

The Bridge Hotel


© Joe McCarty

Ray Fisher