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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

Folk music needed a place of it’s own

And it succeeded in finding a home

Where folk musicians and singers could roam

In The Bridge Hotel

Proudly it stands by the the banks of the Tyne

Views from its windows a journey through time

To all folksingers the place is a shrine

The Bridge Hotel


’The Bridge Hotel’

By the banks of the Tyne

‘The Bridge Hotel’

Is a lady so fine

She belongs to Fitzgerald but she’ll always be mine

‘The Bridge Hotel’.

Handle & Killen back in ‘62

Started the folk club that’s now a who’s who

For all the greats that have played and passed through

The Bridge Hotel

Standing on shoulders are young guns today

Folk Degree students now making their way

Ghosts of the past in the walls as they play

In The Bridge Hotel


Dear Paddy Foley - your lovely wife too

Folks of Newcastle will not forget you

For all the years of the Fitzgerald brew

In ‘The Bridge Hotel’

Let’s raise a glass to a lady divine

Queen of my heart and a part of my time

Home of folk music right next to the Tyne

The Bridge Hotel

Bob Davenport & Louis Killen

The Bridge Hotel


© Joe McCarty

Ray Fisher