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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

Dreaming on a Christmas Day

Watching all the kids at play

Letting idle thoughts stray to the past

Little girl with hazel eyes

Living high up in the skies

How I wish that Christmas Day would last.


But she’s gone now

And all the wishing in the world can’t hold back time

She’s gone now

She’s gone.

Amaryllis in full bloom

Concrete city in the gloom

Memories are old yet they still sting

Teddy bear that had one eye

Joined us as we all did fly

On the yellow duck that had no wings


Water drying in the sun

Going back where it come from

How I wish I could do the same

Empty trees against the sky

Lonely birds against the sky

They’re waiting for the spring to sing again

Christmas Day Dreaming