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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

Into the garden came Princess of Spring

Danced in her mantle so green

Called on the birds that were silent to sing

Painted her colours serene

Man of snow – bent down low

Melted in rays from the sun

Nature’s declared that the soil was repaired

Circle of life had begun


Round, round, seasons go round

Seasons of silk and steel

Round, round, seasons go round

Water of life turns the wheel

Queen of the summer - she warms with her smile

Fragrant with scent from the seed

Radiant beauty as bounty abounds

Graciously tending to need

Leaves hang low – waters flow

Slow are the days in the sun

Building the memories of times we’ll recall

After the year’s race has been run


Birds born in springtime are soon on the wing

Sing out a song as they leave

Autumn’s a maid and her clothes are well frayed

Left in an orchard to grieve

Leaves set sail – winters tale

Blackberry, rosehip & sloe

Children are thrilled at what nature has willed

Building an old man of snow


Winter comes howling the old man of snow

Gazes through eyes black as coal

His world is ice and it grips like a vice

Squeezing the roots of his soul

In the sun – tears will run

He disappears but won’t die

Moistens the earth in the cause of rebirth

He is the sea and the sky

Seasons of Silk & Steel