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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

I’m a mild and pleasant easy-going chap

A friendly wave, a smile a quip a laugh

As I meander on through life

I avoid all the strife

That can so easily fall into one’s lap

But now and again I really must declare

I feel a certain coldness in the air

When confronted by some stranger

Like some dog in a manger

I’m often heard to stop and then declare


  There’s something about that fellow I just don’t like

  There’s something about that fellow I just don’t like

  I can’t put my finger on it but you can depend upon it

  There’s something about that fellow I just don’t like.

The other Friday night I came home early

To my surprise there in the living room

Was the pools man who usually called on Thursdays

Being entertained by my wife June

They both seemed surprised and shocked to see me

They were doing some sort of aerobics on the floor

The pools man gave a scream and turned quite ashen

As he vaulted over the sofa by the door

As he ran down the path and through the gateway

In his boxer shorts and vest of matching red

I wondered why the deuce he’d left his trainers

And I’ afraid I turned to June and sternly said:


The 1930’s found my daddy on the Rhine

And with some pretty fraulein making time

But just as he was scoring her boyfriend came up roaring

And indicating daddy was out of line

The boyfriend was a shortish looking chap

A tuft of hair protruding from his cap

His manner was obtuse-ish his walk was rather goose-ish

And he must have taken my daddy for some sap

But daddy kept a cool and even head

Refusing to be riled or see red

His upper lip was stiff-ish {my God he was so British!}

So he turned to Eva Braun and in German said:



Now Civil Service Cyril was very civil

That was how he’d tried to live his life

Doing good to all and harming no-one

A gentleman to the world and to his wife

Yet though he was a good man bad luck dogged him

Disaster was Cyril’s second name

He always came unstuck at every turning

His feet were flat and his luck was just the same

One night as he knelt in reverence by his bedside

Thanking the good lord for all he had

He was seized by a momentary burst of selfish madness

He lost his cool and he went suddenly mad

He said, “Tell me Lord why I have misfortune

All I want to know is the reason why!”

He was struck by a vicious bolt of lightning

And a voice was heard to declare from way on high:

There’s something about that fellow I just don’t like

There’s something about that fellow I just don’t like

He prays to me twice nightly but Jesus Christ Almighty

There’s something about that fellow I just don’t like!

Ed at Birtley Folk Club

Introduced AND performed by

David Normanton - The Sage Gateshead

Something About That Fellow I Just Don’t like