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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

Mother Earth & Daddy Earth went off to town one morning

Long before they left their home they gave their kids this warning

Please take care of what we share for future generations

Don’t leave them in deep despair and singing lamentations

Do kids listen - no they don’t

There’s no use a-wishin’ that they will because they won’t

Kids will always do, do, do - what you don’t want them to, to, to

Do kids listen - no they don’t

Once the land and air and sea - sang harmony together

Now they always disagree - and we have stormy weather

Warning bells within the throat of common sense and reason

Go unheard and what’s preferred is treachery & treason


What a tangle web we weave - upon this sea of sorrow

First we do ourselves deceive and then ignore tomorrow

Devil plays his banjo tune - apocalyptic horses

Dance upon the edge of doom with Mother Earth’s resources


Mother Earth and Daddy Earth once had a house of wonder

Now the kids who they gave birth have torn the place asunder

Folks aboard the glory train I hope they’re bound for heaven

They have lived their time in hell - for 24 and seven



We have turned a sugar bowl - into a poisoned chalice

We have tortured nature’s soul - with thoughtlessness & malice

Everyman must leave this Earth - when comes their time of dying

Those who understand life’s worth - while here must keep on trying

Mother Earth & Daddy Earth