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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

Easington Nature Reserve

There was coal-tip spoil from the miners’ toil

On a NE coastal beach

Where the North Sea riffs on the limestone cliffs

And the storm-tossed seagulls screech

Now the beach is clean and the scene serene

And the air is fresh to smell

And it’s home for all that can walk, fly, crawl

In a place where wildlife dwell


Where a young boy’s feet to a truncheon beat

Did a dance in the days of strife

There’s a wild reserve that will help conserve

Many different kinds of life

Oh in Easington where the work was done

In the troubled seams below

There’s an insect state where they copulate

As the North Sea winds do blow

Oh there’s life once more on the NE shore

Where the air will salt your tongue

And the plants abound on the wind-swept ground

And there’s creatures old & young

Where the hands were hard and the sands were scarred

There’s a place for life to dwell

Under brooding skies where the seagull cries

To a roar of an ocean swell


Well the seagull thrives as it swoops and dives

Round the cliffs like a dancing boy

And the waves roll in with a pounding din

In a place of wildlife joy

Let the future say in a far-off day

They were wise to play a role

For they brought back life where there once was strife

To the land of sea & coal