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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

Keswick summer ’67 - where I’d like to be

Keswick summer ’67 - life was good to me

We’ve all had a summer love - one we won’t forget

Keswick summer ‘67 - I still think of yet

Met a Scottish actress there - Elspeth was her name

Waitress at ‘The Skiddaw’ where - she would dream of fame

We would walk down by the lake - talk the summer long

Never thought I’d ever bake - memories in a song


Keswick - summer ’67- how good it seems today

Played all night in ‘The Central Bar’ - stayed in love all day

Keswick - summer ’67- how good to be alive

A Scottish girl and an old guitar –  helped me to survive

Every week I’d do a gig - could not pay a rent

I lived up at Castlerigg - in a ragged tent

Elspeth brought chicken cold - from the big hotel

Dined in the darkness every night - into bed we fell


San Francisco far away - flowers in its hair

Hippies shook the world that year - love was in the air

I surfed on a summer love - long way from Fisco Bay

Keswick summer ‘67 - take me home today




Minds play host to ghostly scenes that live in memory

     Keswick summer of ’67 - will live then die with me

Keswick Summer ‘67