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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

Greed cares not for need - it sows an evil seed

That breeds a bitter harvest of despair

When rich folks search for gain - the poor folks feel the pain

And fear walks softly in the poisoned air

People always say - the rich will find a way

To prey upon the weak and do them wrong

They have but still want more - the practise jungle law

They bring wolves to your door before too long


May we never see such times again

When hope dies in the eyes of honest men

When mother, daughter, son

Cry out, “Look what greed has done”

May we never see such times again

Hard times come around - and grind you to the ground

A victim of that thirst for wealth & power

When lust for gold takes hold - and conscience has been sold

The milk of human kindness will turn sour

Story old as time - the rich folks do the crime

But never pay the price for what they do

For on this ship of fools where greed & chaos rules

The many are betrayed by just a few


Greed’s a vicious beast - a spectre at a feast

With teeth as sharp as winter’s icy blast

It’s red in tooth & claw - it is a dog of war

That never learns the lessons of the past

Destiny is choice - it has a hopeful voice

That rings out in the light of every dawn

Equality it’s plain should reign in each domain

The poor should not endure the crown of thorn.

May We Never

Live - Stumble Inn