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Words & music

 Ed Pickford © prs

Greed cares not for need when it sows the evil seed

That reaps a bitter harvest of despair

When rich men search for gain – then poor men feel the pain

And fear sings softly in the poisoned air


May we never see such times again

When hope dies in the eyes of honest men

When mother, daughter, son

Cry out, “Look what greed has done”

May we never see such times again

Why do good folks cry when they hear each weary lie?

As truth screams out for justice to be done

They watch computer screens - make bonfires of their dreams

And wonder who’s to blame for what went wrong


May we live to say – we have seen that brighter day

When progress learns the lessons of the past

For greed’s a vicious beast – a spectre at the feast

With teeth as sharp as winter’s icy blast

May We Never