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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

I met her in a truckstop

She was slinging hash

I ordered grits and coffee

She wrote me down as trash

Then she saw my bankroll

You might think it strange

Her heart began to melt for me

As she counted out my change.


            She’d a voice like a Bowie knife

            And a thirst like a Cadillac

            Blond haired blue eyed mama

            I want you to come back

            Hear your daddy calling

            Be home before the sun has set

            Cos I’ve found a little place

            On the side of my face

            That you ain’t stepped on yet!

She said, “Are you a film star?”

I said, “No way I am”

She said, “You sure do look the part!”

Hell! I am just a man.

Pretty soon that gal and me

Were walking side by side

I did all the driving

As she took me for a ride .


When I woke in El Paso

I only had my jeans

A dollar ninety in loose change

And a million broken dreams

She left a note saying,

“Cowboy, let the good times roll!”

I’d have chased that girl to Juarez

But I couldn’t afford the toll!

Wildcat Mama