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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS


Seaham Harbour’s seen - what is and might have been

It’s face towards the sea - its back to land

The present & the past are etched into the blast

Where sea & coal meet briefly on the sand

Part of Seaham’s tale was forged in storm & gale

The night George Elmy capsized in the foam

The boat then wandered far but it’s part of who we are

And now our Seaham Lifeboat’s it’s coming home

November 17 - in nineteen sixty two

George Elmy put to sea as lifeboats do

A cry of SOS – a coble in distress

“Train one – save many” was the code they knew

That wild November night - a brave unequal fight

Nine precious lives were lost in Seaham Bay

Cruel Nature carved a hole that night in Seaham’s soul

A toll that’s still remembered to this day


We’re bringing it home, we’re bringing it home

We’re bringing it home, we’re bringing it home

The boat we knew so well is coming home to dwell

We’re bringing it home, we’re bringing it home

Now Seaham by the sea has walked with tragedy

In troubled seams the cost was blood & bone

Against misfortune’s tide – we’ve all stood side by side

With pride we say, “our lifeboat’s coming home”

A symbol of our will - survive against all ill

This chapter of our time won’t go unheard

The lifeboat’s coming home and never more will roam

George Elmy speaks yet never says a word

Roll call of names:

John Miller, Fred Gippert, James Farringdon, Leonard Brown, Arthur Brown, Gordon Burrell, David Burrell, George Firth, Joseph Kennedy

After last chorus:

Our passion & our pride is driving us inside

We’re bringing it home we’re bringing it home

Bringing it Home

Sung by The Seaham Timesteps Dance - Drama Group