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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

I Sing Songs

I sing songs on a mountaintop

I sing songs on a rolling sea

I sing songs and I will not stop

Singing songs is good for me

Songs don’t change the world I know

Songs don’t change the weather

But as sure as wild winds blow

Songs bind us together


Songs songs I sing songs

I don’t sing for glory

Songs songs I sing songs

I sing out a story

Songbirds sing and spread their seed

Early in the morning

That’s when folks are most in need

As the day is dawning

When I hear the children sing?

They sing out so easy

Like the birds in early spring

Singing in the treesy


Songs will ring like church bell chimes

From the highest steeple

Songs will sing picket lines

Unify the people

Nina Simone and Joe Hill

Guthrie - Baez - Dylan

Their songs will injustice kill

Just like penicillin


Let your music touch your heart

Let your words inspire

Let that feeling be the start

Of your life’s desire

Did you know that morning dew

Is the tears of Ersa

She’s a God the Grecians knew

Other gods were worser