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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

I'll tell yez aal ‘boot a fella Ah knaa an’ he comes from Gatesheed toon,
He’s a canny lad from Bensham an’ his name is Geordie Broon,

He’s the best knaan fella that ivver I saw - Ah swear that it’s no lie,
That aal the folks of Gateshead sing as Geordie Broon walks by,


 It’s Geordie Broon, Its Geordie Broon,
          It’s good old Geordie Broon,
          He can drink his ale, he can tell a tale,
          Well its good old Geordie Broon

Noo me an’ Geordie sometimes gan - up tae St. James Park

An’ noo and then on Saturday- when not at work we waak

Geordie knaas Mike Ashley an’ Mike Ashley buys the beer

He’s alwaas pleased when Geordie’s roond - the crood will nivvor jeer


The club trip doon t’ London, why we had oorsels a time,
Til Geordie Broon he says t’ me "let's meet some friends of mine"
An’ as sure as I am standing here, we went te see the Queen,

Why she nearly dropped her corgies and she says,”Lad where’s thou been?”


On a Saga cruise t’ Moscow well we wandered roond Red Square,
Til’ Geordie Broon he says te me, "Why my mate he works there"

So in we gans strite off the street cos Geordie knaas the way

An’ Putin’s fayce lights up a treat - he says, “Thou’s made my day”


But the time Ah must tell yer about is when we wenht to Rome - we were  standing in in St Peter's Square and Ah says to Geordie "Ah bet yer dinna knaa the Pope. Geordie says, “Lad Ah knaa neebody better" - an’ he gans  strite int’ the Vatican an’ comes out on the balcony wi’ the the Pope. Ee lad Ah was proud Ah says t’ this Italian standing by me "D’yer knaa that fella up there - that’s Geordie Broon from Gateshead” - an’ the Italian says, “Or Ah knaa him but who’s that bugger wi’ him?”

An’ ivverybody in the whole of St. Peter’s Square started singing……………..It’s…………


Geordie Broon