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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

[During the miners’ strike of 84/85 the chairman of the National Coal Board was a man called MacGregor

whose job it was to defeat the miners. In one bizarre incident he wore a carrier bag over his head ]

When I was a lad in County Durham

I lived in Shiney Row

I remember me father gan t’ the pit

And how he used t’ go

I remember his bait, his boots, his shirt

His muffler and his cap

But most of all as I recall I remember his crumpled mac.


Crumpled mac, crumpled mac

The memories come floodin’ back

Of how me father used t’ dress t’ gan t’ work h

It seems t’ me it’s irony that up there at the N.C.B.

There seems t’ be a crumpled mac in charge of all the pits.


Whatever he wanted t’ put in that mac

There was always room enough

Hankies an’ bait an’ bits o’ string

An’ a helluva lotta fluff

It seemed t’ me when I was a kid

The pockets were really big

An’ now and again I could find a tab end

But I’d really have t’ dig.


Now me father is dead an’ gone

Like most folks I suppose

I’ve only memories t’ make me smile

I’ve lots an’ lots o’ those

But I bet he would laugh if I said t’ him

If he was here with me

Dad guess what happened t’ your old mac

It’s in charge of the N.C.B!


Crumpled Mac