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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

Joxer was stood in the bar-room - mourning the death of his stout
Head in the glass like he was at Mass - at both he was truly devout
Captain Boyle stood next to Joxer - sailor of infinite fame
Twice on a ferry and once on a wherry - earned him a nautical name

Often you’d see them together - both of them fond of a jar
Dublin their city where girls are so pretty - and boozers are called to the bar
Stout was their wine of communion - whiskey their patron of crack

Bar for an altar they never would falter - Joxer and bold Captain Jack

Captain Boyle ordered refreshment - discourse is fuelled by the drink
“Joxer” he says - with eyes all ablaze - ah cursed is a man who can think
Many a time on the ocean - I’ve looked on Venus & Mars
Filled with emotion I pondered this notion - what praise to God is the stars?

All those bright lights in the night sky - dancing like notes in a tune
Me up on deck a trivial speck - and craning me neck at the moon
We are but wayfaring strangers - passing through this world of woe
Most of us bound for God’s holy ground - some for the fires down below


The world's in great state of chassis
Cosmos of stars looking down
Weep for the fate of the masses
Man in the moon wears a frown
We are not waving - we're drowning
Man is what makes yer man mourn
The world's in great state of chassis
Waiting on Gabriel's horn
Gabriel's horn - Gabriel's horn
Gabriel's horn - Gabriel's horn
We'll be reborn - with Gabriel's horn

How near - yet how far - is a man to his jar - in a bar when his pockets are bare

And sad is the lad who has spent all he had - and must leave then his boozy old lair

So it was two hardy shipmates - lurched down a cold Dublin street

Daley & Boyle - allergic to toil - chaff blown from God’s human wheat

World is a stage so they tell me - both of these men played a part

Each was a fusion of sloth & delusion -and folly they’d turned to an art

Out of the strong came forth sweetness - that’s what it says on the tin
Would that were true for these idle two - each was a sinning old skin

Faced with the threat of employment - see now how Captain Jack begs
“Would that I could for sure it’s no good - I’m martyr to pains in me legs
Juno the household protector - seasoned by seasons of strife
Bore him no malice her tenement palace - all that she’d gained as his wife

God in his search for completeness - balances virtue with sin
Juno departed for waters uncharted - and let that without she’d kept in
Act 3 concludes with the Captain - drunk & deserted on stage
Curtain comes down on a sad lonely clown - bird in an un-gilded cage

The World’s in a Great State of Chassis