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Words & music

 Ed Pickford © prs

JThe world's in a Great State of Chassis

w&m Ed Pickford

Joxer was stood in the barroom - mourning the death of his stout

Glass like a bird’s nest in winter - drought is much worse than the gout

He was a crafty old sinner - born to a devious clan

Not marked by life as a winner - still he was part of God’s plan

Captain Boyle stood next to Joxer - sailor of infinite fame

Twice on the ferry from Dublin - earned him his nautical name

Often they stood there together - talking on matters of state

Two birds but both of one feather - masters of meaningless prate


Stout is the wine of communion - blood & the body combined

These two disciples in union - talked on the woes of mankind

Stood with the bar for an altar - lit like an angel divine

Captain Boyle’s voice didn’t falter - thus he began to opine


The world's in great state of chassis

Cosmos of stars looking down

Weep for the fate of the masses

Man in the moon wears a frown

We are not waving - we're drowning

Man is what makes yer man mourn

The world's in great state of chassis

Waiting on Gabriel's horn

Gabriel's horn - Gabriel's horn

Gabriel's horn - Gabriel's horn

We'll be reborn - with Gabriel's horn

Captain Boyle ordered refreshment - discourse is fuelled by the drink

“Joxer,” he said with great sadness - “cursed is the man who can think”

“Tossed like a cork on the ocean - gazing on Venus & Mars

Into my mind came this notion - what - praise to God - be the stars"

“What is the stars?” echoed Joxer - “what is the stars and the moon?

Twinkling like snowflakes in Heaven - dancing like notes in a tune”

Boyle drank in mute Benediction - draining his glass to the dregs

Blessed with a useful affliction - martyr to pains in his legs

Dublin’s had many fine thinkers - whole of the world knows their name

Daly & Boyle were but drinkers - drank then had more of the same

God in his search for completeness - balances virtue with sin

Out of the strong brings forth sweetness - just like it says on the tin


The World’s in a Great State of Chassis