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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

The house that I live in - has sung its last song

It might as well give in - for it won’t be long

Before the old fortress - is long dead and gone

Oh everything’s falling apart

The ceiling is peeling - it’s lined with old age

A book lies revealing - the very last page

It’s time this old trouper - was leaving the stage

Fop everything’s falling apart


Everything’s falling apart

Everything’s falling apart

The house gets much weaker each day

And soon it will just fade away

The windows stare blankly - as if in a trance

It’s time to say frankly - the house has no chance

It’s lived many lifetimes of love and romance

Now everything’s falling apart

 The house just got older - as all houses will

 The walls that now moulder - are feeling the chill

A weary old soldier - is marching downhill

And everything’s falling apart



The pastures of plenty that time can destroy

Will leave a house empty that once rang with joy

The seeds of destruction will breach walls of Troy

When everything’s falling apart


The House That is Falling Apart