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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

Metro Ken announces information for the trains

Metro Ken pronounces and he carefully explains

Why the train you’re waiting for will not arrive on time

On the Tyne-Wear Nexus Metro Line

Metro Ken will reassure each anxious beating heart

Metro Ken helps you endure each journey from the start

Cool calm and collected in his dulcet northern tones

Metro Ken to travellers intones


Hi – this is Metro Ken here – with some important information

No trains are running between Haymarket – airport – and Four Lane Ends – until Saturday – the 31st of August

Don’t worry – frequent bus replacement services are running – including - an express bus to the airport

For more information speak to staff – or visit Nexus.org.uk

Nelson bold a-dying lay wrapped up Hardy’s arms

On his coat a vast array of sailors lucky charms

How now fares my Traf-al-gar – how fares my gallant men?

Is there any news from Metro Ken?

Boy stood on the burning deck whence all but he had fled

Blood and guts up to his neck from all the martyred dead

He’d survived the canons roar and conflict’s icy blast

Then he heard the tannoy on the mast

Hi – this is metro Ken here – with some important information

Have you had an accident at work?

Have you ever been sold PPI Insurance?

Did you know that there was a kakazi pilot who flew 37 missions? - he was a cowardly kamikazi pilot

Did you know that some people pay death duties on their jokes?

Don’t worry – a frequent truss replacement services is available – including an express truss to the airport

For more information speak to staff – or visit Nexus.org.uk


Metro Ken - prince of men - friend of yours and mine

Hero of the Nexus Metro line

Metro Ken