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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

Canary Girls

Time retells what time once saw

Maids made shells when men made war

Death’s device that through hell’s door

Reaps a price of blood & gore

Melanin & TNT

Is a toxic recipe

On the skin for all to see

Harbinger of tragedy


Canary girls - canary girls

Canary girls have yellow skin

TNT and melanin

Yellow babies they have too

From the poison that they brew

Canary girls

Where a spark would be ill-met

Dawn til dark munitionette

Made their mark & shed their sweat

To repay what they called debt

Foreign fields where toxic air

Lurked unseen in tunneled lair

Men would dream of those who care

Far away from shot & flare


Photographs now old & worn

Girls as if in fields of corn

Stand with silent shells forlorn

Midwives to their deadly swarm

Sacrifice oh sacrifice

Victims of mans greatest vice

Worked like men for half the price

When the world was fire & ice



Suffragette Munitionette

Women fight for what they get

Always have and still do yet

Sacrifice we soon forget

Canary girls