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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

This song is a protest song there’s not a lot about

There’s nothing like a protest song to get the message out

The reason I’m protesting you’ll very quickly hear

I’m sick and tired of all the people stealing my ideas

I’m going to name and shame them - it’s what they all deserve

They’re always stealing my ideas - where do they get the nerve?

I said to Isaac Newton, “What goes up comes down”

He sat in the orchard with the apples all around

Next time I saw Isaac he was on TV

Telling everybody he’d invented gravity

Shame on Isaac Newton you stole my big idea

I’ll tell that to your lying face if you show up round here

I said to Stephen Hawking, “ Time seems very brief”

Stephen started smiling with excitement and relief

He said, “I’ve got the title I think I’ll write a book

I may give you a mention” - I got overlooked

Shame on Stephen Hawking you stole my big idea

I thought you were a good guy but you’re like the rest I fear

I said to Edith Piaf, “Is there something you regret?”

She said, “Well may be some day but I ain’t found it yet

Them she started singing – here’s the song she sang

Non-, non-, non je ne regrette rein

Shame on Edith Piaf you stole my big idea

When I hear a sparrow sing I think of you my dear

I said to Eric Clapton, as Patty came in sight

“Eric- there stands Patti – doesn’t she look good tonight?”

Eric started scribbling, he wrote a little song

He sang it on the radio and now he can’t go wrong

Shame on Eric Clapton I put you where you are

I wish to God I’d never taught that man to play guitar!

I’ve got to stop this protest song I could go on and on

It’s the saddest tale you’ve heard since Suzie Wong went wrong

I could mention Albert Einstein and the Dyson millionaire

I could mention Dolly Parton - I don’t think I’ll go there

I’ve got to turn my life around and get out of this rut

Next time I get a good idea I’ll keep my big mouth shut!

They’re Stealing My Ideas