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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

I was far away from home - when I heard that the strike was done

Lasted so long that the snow turned into sun

Sun turned into rain - then back to snow again

It was long hard times when the union strike was on

We had stood there side by side - on the picket line with pride

We were broke and we were hungry day and night

Knew our cause was just and unity brings trust

There comes a time when a tribe has the choice to die or fight


It rained policemen’s sticks

They broke bones - with their kicks

We held the line for longer than we should

Horses mowed us down

We were beaten on the ground

And we won’t forget - the T-shirts and the blood

With their shields and the riot gear – they brought violence and fear

Assassins in blue we knew were psyched for war

Drummed their sticks and feet – ready to maim and beat

As they dished out pain for gain in the name of the law

On the day they starved us back -we all walked back up the track

To the place of work we knew would soon be gone

Raised our banners high – gave one last battle cry

For we all knew that our pit would die when the strike was done


The T-Shirts & The Blood Singer: Jim Sharp
Ed - Hartlepool Folk Festival