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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

A touch of humour

Humour is in the ear of the beholder, but I have tried and tested most of the items here.

There is little more to said really - have a look - you might find something by clicking the down arrow or hover the mouse pointer on the navigation bar above.

1. When Royalty Comes to Town

2. Brown Ale Crazy

3. Poldark Rides Again

4. Roberta the Robot

5. Hamster Sid

6. Need Bliddy Gud Getting’ Aad

7. The Gateshead Angel

8. Dear Alex Salmond

9. Che Guevara T-Shirt

10. Cliff Richard Song

11. Uncle Albert’s Heroic Farewell

12. The Pilot & The Lady

13. Death at the Leek Show

14. I Have No Folk Degree

15. Geordie Broon

16. It All Comes Down to Physics

17. Le Voyeur

18. See a Toad Across the Road

19. There’s Something About that Fellow

20. South Shields Snowman

21. Credit Crunch Song

22. The Day I Took the Vow

23. The Oil Lamp at the Bedside

24. The Tortoise

25. They’re Stealing My Ideas

26. Things I’ve Never Done

27. Saturday Night in the Barroom

28. Death of a Comedian in Clubland

29. I Became a Jukebox

30. Metro Ken

31. Weekend Gypsy

32. Ballad of the Crested Newt

33. Stationery Addiction

34. The Blaydon Racers

35. The Chillingham Bull

36. Sat Nav