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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

Danny was a pilot with gold braid on his arm

Smiling eyes and sun tanned face – full of teeth and charm

He looked like a film star –many times he’d sinned

He’d fly in and love a girl - but was soon gone with the wind.

Sarah was an airhostess – the queen of all the air

She never rode by stand by – she was strictly standard fare

Her face was made in heaven – her body was made in Hell

One quick flash of Danny’s moustache and alas poor Sarah fell.


Many a man had loved Sarah

For her figure and her golden hair

Many wanted to do what most men want to do

But only this Dan dare.

The lady loved the pilot – she moved into his flat

But very soon her handsome Prince turned into a rat

He grew tired of Sarah – he said their race was run

He packed his suitcase with the clothes that she’d washed

And flew off into the sun.


[ spoken with a background rhythm]

Ten days later Dan came home and he found his lady had gone

A mist welled in his steel blue eyes when he thought of what he’d done

“Poor sweet kid,” he kindly thought as he remembered his laundered socks

And his memory hit a streak of grief as his bourbon hit the rocks


 [ spoken with a background rhythm]

He turned to the mirrored wall – it was the way he loved to drink

And he saw Sarah’s lipstick scrawl in shades of Revlon pink

It said, “Fare-thee-well my eagle Dan your naïve lady has gone

You were the first man that I’ve loved – where many lost you won

You’ll never know how much I cried when you let me down last week

I wept just like your waterbed the night it sprung a leek

So I went to the room we shared and I rang the speaking clock

Three thousand lonely miles away in the city of New York

I listened for a little while and I imagined the way you’d look

When you came home and found that phone – still lying there off the hook!”

The Pilot & The Lady