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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

Mother Jones – her spirit roams

Wherever mining kills

Colorado Cripple Creek

West Virginia Hills

Dressed in black she walks the path

Where grapes of wrath have grown

Born & bred in County Cork

Yet every-where’s her home


No more deaths for dollars

Price too high for coal

Mother Jones still hollers

Way down in the hole

Mother Jones where do you go?

Well I go where I choose

Mother Jones where do you live?

I live in my shoes

Raised some hell where my feet fell

Faced thugs and iron rain

Mother Sorrow took my kids

The miners eased my pain

Mother Jones who are these kids?

Who march along with you

These are children Roosevelt

Keeps caged in a zoo

Silk mill slaves whose early graves

Get closer every day

They give their tomorrow now

For what you have today

Miners’ angel Mother Jones

No angel of the skies

She stood on a mountaintop

Helped them organise

When the strike was on she’d lead

The women and she’d say

 “Beat the tin cans louder girls

Those mules won’t scab today!”

Mother Jones – her spirit roams

Like Johnny Appleseed

She takes root and she bears fruit

Where there is a need

Knights of Labor - days of hope

Never tires of giving

Prays for dead cut down by lead

And fights like hell for living


Figures lie and liars figure

The maker rarely owns

We need light and we need fight

And we need Mother Jones

Mother Jones - No More Deaths For Dollars

Mary Harris Jones

1837 - 1930

Caedmon Hall Gateshead

Jim Sharp