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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

Wad Thou Gan?

See that bairn upon the bus? Her father fell at Loos

Canny lad and one of us - and when we heard the news

Not a single eye was dry - he worked at Usworth Pit

When they send young men to die - they only want the fit

“Wad thou gan?” the voices rang - down every terraced street

“Aye Ah’ll gan” the pitmen sang - and soon the marching feet

Swapped the heaps of Durham pits - for coalfields out in France

Pitscape for a savage blitz - where fate was ruled by chance


Wad thou gan? Wad thou gan?

Wad thou gan and join the gang?

Wad thou gan lad ower there and dee yer bit?

Wad thou gan? Wad thou gan?

Why aye Ah’ll bloody gan

An’ Ah’ll gan an’ swap adventure for the pit

Richard Drummond volunteered - along with all his mates

Some of them just disappeared - sad victims of the the Fates

Richard died in Charing Cross - they brought home by train

Widow left to mourn her loss - and live her life in pain


That bairn’s life had barely stirred - when her young father died

All she knew was what she heard - folks spoke of him with pride

Richard Drummond 22 - named on Remembrance Day

Harry, George & Frankie too - in foreign mining clay


Wad thou gan? - Why Aye Ah’ll gan - the ghostly voices sound

Members of a mining clan - that lie in mining ground

Washington remembers well - the sons of long times past

Died in the war and lived in hell - and went when they were asked


On the WW1 War Memorial in Old Washington Village Tyne & Wear - there is the name of Richard Drummond