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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

She enjoyed his set-list - that is why backstage she came on strong

Diamonds on her left wrist - told him she was where she don’t belong

He was long-past caring - wearing broken dreams she knew so well

There was no comparing - lady to Jack Daniels’ child from Hell

It’s not far to travel - backstage to a Podunk motel room

He watched fate unravel - sound track was a weeping blue-grass tune

Later he was leaving - one more show before he kicked some dirt

He knew she was grieving - as she wrote these words upon his shirt


To my lover Darrell from your red-head lover Carol - 25

Don’t forget the motel room - love we made all afternoon

Clinging to each other to survive

I am 5 and 20 - you are more than plenty -yet I know

We both found brief peace of mind - left our pain & grief   behind

PS Darrell really love the show

On the road at midnight - fate came calling as a Greyhound bus

He ran through a red light - hit so fast he had no time to cuss

Big wheel brakes were squealing - reeling like a drunkard in the night

He held to that feeling - he could see in words of neon light


He woke on a table - doctor had a sad & wounded smile

He said you are stable - guess you haven’t been that for a while

Your pain’s on the outside - I can stitched you up to heal the hurt

My pain’s on the inside - written by my wife upon your shirt

PS Darrell - Really Loved the Show