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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

In Boston Town stood The Liberty Tree

Under its branches men swore to be free

In Boston Harbour they dumped all the tea

Cried, “Liberty Justice & Freedom”

Patriots all and until by thrall

Swore to defy and never to fall

Under the Elm tree they answered the call

Cried, “Liberty Freedom & Justice”


The Liberty Tree The Liberty Tree

It stands there for you and it stands there for me

If it should fall - unhappy we’d be

We owe it all to The Liberty Tree

Pledged in alliance a small gallant band

Flames of defiance with unity fanned

East to the West and out over the land

Cried, “Liberty Justice & Freedom.”

Hard hearts of oak in defence of the crown

Sought to revoke the protests of the town

Tree was a beacon and lanterns hung down

Crying, “Liberty , Freedom & Justice”


Where there’s a need and the people aren’t free

Forced by some tyrant to bend at the knee

Hands of salvation will join round a tree

Cry, “Liberty Justice & Freedom.”

Patriots all wherever you be

Always stand tall like The Liberty Tree

Under its branches then swear to agree

Cry, “Liberty Freedom & Justice”.


The Liberty Tree

The Liberty Tree