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Words & music

 Ed Pickford © prs

There was an elm tree in old Boston town

Patriots stood where its branches hung down

Swore to resist the cruel fist of the crown

And cried, “Liberty, Justice & Freedom”

In Boston harbour they dumped British tea

Elm made a stand and not bend its knee

It chased the Loyalists back over the sea

And cried, “Cry Liberty , Justice & Freedom”


The Liberty Tree The Liberty Tree

Stands there for you and it stands there for me

If it should fall - unhappy we’d be

We owe it all to The Liberty Tree

Pledged in alliance was this gallant band

Flames of defiance by unity fanned

Their words like wildfire spread over the land

They cried, “Liberty , Justice & Freedom”

Spurned the embrace of the hard hearts of oak

Burned with God’s grace as they sought to revoke

All the abasements of wearing a yoke

They cried, Liberty, Justice & Freedom”


All you gallant heroes wherever you may be

All who stand tall like The Liberty Tree

May tyrants fall and you ever be free

To sing, “Liberty , Justice & Freedom”

Reach for the stars never buckle your knee

Make fine guitars from The Liberty Tree

Let the strings ring in The Land of the Free

To sing, “Liberty, Justice & Freedom”

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. (Thomas Jefferson}

The Liberty Tree