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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

I met an old man on the floor of the barroom

He said,  “Follow me  I been here before.”                                          

I put my trust and faith in that stranger

On hands and knees we crawled  to the door

Outside the dark night was a cold as the flowers

That lie there abandoned on an unquiet grave

As me and that old man talked there for hours

This was the view of life that he gave

He said, “This short life is like sailing the ocean

You rock in the swell and you roll in the squall

Rising and falling on tides of emotion

Sometimes it’s hard to make sense of it all

The springtime of life is a time like no other

The world is a pearl in the palm of your hand

With the sea for your bed and the stars for your cover

All that you see is at your command

On the horizon the storm clouds are gathering

Old Father Time with his cold bloodless hand

Is leading the chorus of sweet siren voices

Calling you home to your death on the sand

And you know in your head that you don’t want to go there

But deep in your heart you know it’s your time

Your veins are as hard as the rocks that await you

On the tip of your tongue you can taste the salt wine.


Old age is a shipwreck old age is disaster

Old age is a body that lies in the bay

The dreams of adventure lie dead on the shoreline

Old age is a shipwreck that’s all you can say.

I left that old man to the cold of the evening

His words crashed like waves through the caves of my mind

They shout out a warning to all of you sailors

And light up the night like a bright neon sign

They say, “Make the most of the wind when it’s blowing

And filling you’re your sails far away from the land

Breathe deep on the good times when lifeblood is flowing

Don’t think of the time when you sleep on the sand.”



Old Age is a Shipwreck