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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

United we stand - divided we fall

The strength of a union - will guide us all

There’s some say the meek - will inherit the land

But the meek shall be weak until they understand.


           If they come for you in the morning

           And they’re knocking on your door

           Then they will come for me in the evening

           Of that you can be sure {2X}

I believe in the union - it’s easy to see

I believe in this simple philosophy

If we don’t stand together - we stand all alone

Then they’ll come and pick you off one by one


Don’t look down as you’re walking around

Hold your head up high and reach for the sky

Shout out about all of the bad things you see

It’s the price you pay for freedom & liberty


Joe Hill lay there in his prison cell

His last words on Earth  I remember them well

He didn’t pray to some God upon high

He said, “Don’t weep for me - but organize!”

If They Come For You Joe Hill 1879 - 1915

  Barrie & Ingrid Temple

Tony Wilson