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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

Walking down life’s highway I am thinking every day

Of the many good old friends that now have past away

Sometimes I get weary but then when the night descends

In the stars above my head me are faces of my friends


There are stars in my sky – in my sky

There are stars in my sky in my sky

Friends who’ve gone before and knocked on heaven’s door

There are stars in my sky in my sky.

Sunshine does not shine the way that sunshine used to do

Morning light is not so bright and sight of morning dew

Does not fill me with the thrill it used to do before

When I think of those long gone who’ve left this earthly shore


Timeless are the mountains that I see as I pass by

Crystal are the fountains where the weary travellers lie

Silver is the moonlight as the stars come shining down

Smiling are the faces now that wear a golden crown.


Fortune’s wheel may sometimes steal a friend with just one spin

You rage at the dying light as darkness floods within

Then you see a snowflake fall with pure and gentle grace

In the night-sky you recall a smiling starlit face

There Are Stars in My Sky