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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

300 million years ago I was born

My father was the sun in carbon times

From the womb of Mother Earth

Below a swamp she gave me birth

Light trapped in the darkness of a stone

I am coal

The legions of the eagle walked Celtic land

It was a long 500 years of time

They carved my bones and called me jet

Then hung me round their Roman necks

A gift of love and beauty for a while

I am coal


I am coal - I am coal

Progress and destruction in my soul

The lepidodendron tree died and them gave birth to me

I trade for blood for energy

I am coal

When Tudors wore the hollow crown there I lay

Naked underneath a northern sky

I fed bitter fires of hate

A thorn between the church and state

Waters of the Tyne flowed gently by

I am coal

Steam made profit out of power – men could dream

I was a revolution’s beating heart

I turned children into slaves

And never marked their infant graves

Britain was the workshop of the world

I am coal


I killed by water, gas and fire, deep in hell

My seed was money in the solar bank

I made soap – I made your ale

Some say I even saved the whale

That volcano burning in your hearth

I am coal

Lionised and then despised down all my days

I’m likened to the buboes of the plague

Creative destructive force

Maybe I’ve not yet run my course

I surely was the best of British stone

I am coal

Chorus - then sing - “I am buried sunshine underground - I am buried sunshine underground”

I Am CoaL

The Wilsons

The Keelers - The Sage Gateshead