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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

Donegan was singing ‘When the Sun Goes Down’

The first time I ever heard the blues

‘Midnight Special’ & ‘The Rock Island Line’

Meant more to me than Blue Sued Shoes

Didn’t know a thing about Leroy Carr

Killed in a battle with the booze

Lonnie sang his song – I just sang along

Lonnie turned me on to the blues.


There was Woody – there was Huddie

There was Bessie – there was Muddy

Sonny Terry, Brownie Magee

Blind Lemon Jefferson

A lot folks called Johnson

Big Bill Broonzy & Me

Big Bill Broonzy is a hero of mine

Singer with a hollering sound

Loved to hear him singing ‘Black, Brown & White’

The record went round & around

I didn’t know about the Jim Crow

But I to go with with the feeling

Dansette Major playing ‘78’s

Sent all of my senses reeling


Never understood how a poor white kid

Born far away from the Delta

Should ever get to feel the way that I did

As blues were giving me shelter

Jazz and Rock ‘n’ Roll, R ‘n’ B & soul

There’s a lot of music to choose

When you taste those fruits – don’t forget the roots

All lead back to the blues



And the road goes on – it never ends

I sing along – with my vinyl friends


Big Bill Broonzy & Me


Colin Tipping