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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

[Written during the miners’ strike of 84/85]


They’ll never beat the miners

Never beat the miners

Never beat the miners

No matter what they do

They can curse them and deride them

Try to starve them try to bribe them

But they’ll never beat the miners

No matter what they do.

The Tories are mistaken if they think that folks are quaking

And shaking in their boots at facing them and all their clan

The miners are not hiding they’re busy organising

Together they will win because together they will stand.


Their wives are right behind them feeding and supporting

Every meal they’re making is buying them more time

Did you ever see such women? Who only think of winning

Survive on next to nothing and stand on the picket line.


Maggie! Are you listening? You’ll never beat these people

They’re facing this together and each one plays their part

As long as there’s one breathing you’ll never see one yielding

Maybe you can break their heads but you’ll never break their hearts.



They’ll Never Beat the Miners Singers: The Wilden Brothers