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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

March of 1984 - Miners’ Strike began

Coal sat waiting on death row - saving him was the plan

One long year of sacrifice - women, kids and men

Standing strong on the picket line - supporting the N.U.M.

Money walks and money talks - money never yields

Money buys the uniforms - carrying riot shields

That’s the way it’s always been - maybe always will

Money killed the miners’ strike - like money killed Joe Hill


Early March of 1985 - Miners’ Strike was done

Those who’d kept that flame alive - matched to work as one

Every step a memory  - of that year gone by

Raged against the dying fight - but every head held high


Heads held high

Heads held high

Marching back to the sound of bands

And banners in the sky

Heads held high.

Michael Ross, South Shields man - marched to work that day

Miner at the Westoe pit - put his thoughts this way

I was called me the enemy - let me make this plain

I fought for my family - I’d do the same again


T-shirt army is no more - mining’s almost gone

Memories of ’84 - still go marching on

Those who lost and bore the cost - tossed away to die

Ozymandias is dead - but why should miners cry?

To finish:

Why should miners cry?

Why should miners cry?

Ozymandias is dead

Why should miners cry

Heads Held High