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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS


Noo Ah shop doon on Gatesheid toon but live up in Winlaton   

An’ when it comes t’ gannin’ yame why there’s nee hestitatin’  

What gans through Swalwell, Dunston and a few mair scenic places


Oh me lads we’re on the Blaydon Racers

South of the Tyne - the 49 – taks yer lots o’ places

There’s dowters, mams an’ folding prams and bairns wi’ bonnie faces

Aal the dads shout, “Howay the lads” – we’re on the Blaydon Racers

Now some might buy a cheap return, a buzz fare or a key

And some might even ride for nowt if they as aad as me

The youngun’s buy a get around and others buy a saver

An’ dogs ‘ill chew a ticket through - becos they love the flavour

Now mind yer get the number reet when yer get on the bus

For them that cannit count or spell are sure t’ mak a fuss

The buses hev an “A,B,C” – that’s efter 49

But Ah live at the terminus so ivv’ry one is fine

In Darrass Haal – Ah’ll tell jez aal – the folks is lah-de-dah

They wear fur coats – eat Quakers oats and drive a Jaguar

Yer’ll hear them cry – “Ah love Dubai” – an’ aal that kinda patter

Ah waddent hev them on Wor bus – they’re full o’ wind ‘n’ waater

So if yer doon in Gateshead toon – mek sure yer try the bus

Just pay yer fare an’ soon Ah’ll swear - yer’ll feel like one of us

If yer’ve a seat by Bolam Street – now louse yer belt & braces

Enjoy the craic at front or back onboard the Blaydon Races

Blaydon Racer bus - Gateshead The Blaydon Racers