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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

1. Easington Nature Reserve

2. The Rules of Film Noir

3. Canary Girls

4 I Sing Songs

5 Carmageddon

6 Here I Stand

7 I Was the Wind

8. Beasts of Lore & Legend

9 If They Come For You

10. Guy Clark Song

11. The Scorpion & The Frog

12. PS Darrell - Really Loved the Show

13. Winner Takes All

14. Northumbria

15. A Young Girl’s Vocation

16. The Gift of Being Simple

17. First It’s a Day

18. Let Your Instinct be Your Guide

19. Lonnie Lonnie Donegan

20. Uillean Pipes Will Make You Sing

21. When the Last Leaf Falls

22. My Home Town is Canny Shields

23. Gateshead, Gateshead, Klondyke of the Tyne

24. Rubbernecking

Miscellany One

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