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All songs words & music © Ed Pickford PRS/MCPS

It was on a Friday neet

Behind the Phoenix pub

Ah learned things Ah didn’t knaa

An’ Ah thowt that it was love

Phyllis was her name

Marriage was her plan

The drink it was Newcastle broon

An’ man Ah was the man.


The day Ah took the vow

The day Ah took the vow

Ah said farewell t’ liberty

The day Ah took the vow.

Ah went t’ see her da

He was boozin’ in the club

He found out what me business was

An’ he tapped me for a sub

He says, “Ah’ll speak the truth

Until Ah found a mate

Ah nivvor knew what happiness was

An’ then it was ower late!”


The reception in the club

Was the best there’s ever been

The boon ale flew like water

And the jokes they were obscene

Off on a weekend honeymoon

Sae happy and sae gay

To a sun-drenched spot on the north-east coast

That’s knaan as Whitley Bay.


 morn Ah opened me bait

Jam and bread again!

That makes the fifth time just this week

It is a cryin’ shame

Aal the lads they shouted up

Sayin’, “Why din’t ye play hell?”

Ah says, “ Why how can Ah dee that?

When Ah make the bait mesel’”


Now worst of aal’s the mother-in-law

She is an ugly thing

She’s like a boot without a lace

Or a bull without a ring

She says, ”Ah’ll dance upon thee grave!”

Whay that’s aalrite by me

Cos little does she knaa that

I’m being buried out at sea!


The Day I Took the Vow

Singer: Frank O’Neill